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Oaks 1 may be your next destination if you're seeking luxury, comfort, on reasonable price. Oaks 1 offers you the lush, picturesque scenery views of the Botanical Gardens and Margalla Hills because of its distinguished location away from the main city. The project has both business and residential value in the market because it is located on Park View City's commercial grounds.

The community has been carefully designed to offer all contemporary amenities and services to its citizens. To assure a profit to investors, the development and location have been specifically selected. Regal Marketing gladly accepts you under confidence with this plan if you're seeking a residence in the hub of Islamabad..


Location of OAKS 1

The location of OAKS is one of the key features that make the project stand out, claiming its market value. Located at Park View, Zone IV of Islamabad, the project is a short 15-minute drive from the main city. The site is linked to Bani Gala and Chak Shazad Farm Houses, adding to its scenic beauty. Surrounded by the Botanical Gardens and Margalla Hills, Gives an endless vista of lush greens to its residents.


Oaks 1, NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Oaks one is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). With NOC, Oaks one has set its mark as one of the leading projects in Islamabad, making it a more secure and profitable site for investment and residence.


Development Update:




OAKS 1 Master Plan:

Oaks 1 master plan offers first-class amenities. The community has been specifically crafted and planned to draw high-demand businesses, commercial districts, and a secure neighborhood for its residents. With NOC, Oaks One gives its investors an advantage in terms of security.




The project consists of ground plus 6 floors, their planning and design have been set as follows:


Commercial establishments have been built on the ground floor. 2 shops of variable sizes have been placed on the ground level in accordance with the needs and demands of the investors.


The 1st and 2nd floor has been established with well-structured offices. The offices have been designed to be more employee-centric, with modern facilities, giving them a more comfortable touch for employee interaction and growth. New approaches to office customization is making Oaks one of the ideal site for offices.


The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors are designed and planned to have 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. With modern layouts, smart housing, luxurious facilities, and furnishing, the apartments are providing the ideal residence for the citizens.

Oaks 1 is providing you with the solution of compact living that is set to be a global trend in near future.


Ground Floor Payment Plane



Ist Floor Payment Plan



2nd Floor Payment Plan



3rd to 6th Floor Payment Plan


OAKS 1 Facilities:

Oaks one is bringing newfound innovation and creativity to those looking for a prestigious location in Islamabad, offering comfort, facilities, and style, all in one. This commercial center is driving in more workforce, making it an ideal setting for your work and residence. This project is providing all the residential facilities you can look for in this age of comfort and innovation. Luxurious apartments combined with over-the-top landscapes give you the opportunity to express your individuality. Some of its prominent features include:

Smart Apartments:

Oaks one 1 & 2 beds apartments with all the luxurious and conventional amenities you might want in a contemporary neighborhood. Luxurious amenities and sensor lighting technologies are placed in the apartments, giving them a regal feel. Apartment balconies with views of beautiful scenery provide society with an eco-friendly appearance and provide the residents with an amazing outlook. Instead of using conventional deadbolts, the units have Smart doors and Smart locks installed. Remote controls are available for smart locks, enhancing comfort and convenience. 

Lake-Centered Society:

A 100-kanal artificial lake is being built in the center of Park View City. The site's breathtaking societal perspective adds to its natural beauty and eco-friendly appearance.

Main Boulevard:

One of the most recognizable and eminent buildings in Park View City, Islamabad, is Oaks One, which is located on Main Boulevard.

Video Doorbells:

Oaks one apartment is installed with a video doorbell, allowing you to view the person standing on the other side of the door without opening it. This provides two-way communication without having to interact face-to-face with the party on another side.


OAKS 1 Amenities Include:

  • Park and Green Areas

  • 24/7 elevator
  • Smart doors and Smart locks
  • Online Asset Management through IOS/Android Application
  • Security
  • Gym
  • State of Art Sewerage System
  • Sensor lights
  • Valley view food court
  • Swimming pool
  • Commercial hub
  • Shopping malls


Why you should choose Oaks 1?

When choosing the project you plan to invest in, there are certain factors that can determine if the community will prove to be beneficial and in demand for you in near future. Oaks one is one of the most prestigious project that is set in a lavish area, surrounded by astounding landscapes in commercial zone.

The commercial project has been continuously proving its value to investors, gaining their interest and trust. Another reason that it ought to make OAKS 1 your next choice is its approval by Capitol Development Authority (CDA). We offer to serve you through this project, giving you a more luxurious and comfortable life.


How to get a booking done in OAKS 1 Islamabad?

Visits Regal Marketing Office now for booking with the following documents:

  • Copies of your national ID card.
  • 2 copies of the ID card of your next of Kin.
  • 2 passport size Pictures.

For overseas clients

  • 2 copies of the Overseas National ID Card along with the above-mentioned documents

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