Islamabad's Finest Curb Stone Supplier

We manufacture beautiful curbstones to design and elevate your surroundings. Curb stones have been widely in use to decorate and enhance the look of roadsides, marking the separation between roads and pathways. Also used to design gardens, patios, stairs, and parks, curbstones add an expensive and pleasant look to your properties.


  • High-Quality curb stones enhance the clarity between roads and pavements.

  • Resistant to extreme weather

  • Over 30 years life span

  • High endurance strength

  • Used on highways and roads edgings, separating areas in a more defined way

  • Identify the area boundaries for special people, especially those using wheelchairs.

Applicable Uses:

  • To clarify borders

  • Road edging

Available Curb Stone Sizes:

  • 6”x12”x12”

  • 6”x12”x14”

  • 6”x12”x18”

  • 4”x9”x18”

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