Fly Ash Brick-Solid Brick

We manufacture high quality Fly Ash Bricks suiting the requirements and needs of our customers. Being green friendly these are increasingly being promoted in construction. Fly ash bricks are being used instead of clay bricks in construction due to their multiple strengths over red bricks, making them the overall better choice.


  • Cheaper, durable and stronger.

  • High compressive strength..

  • Pleasant appearance

  • Take up less space than normal clay bricks

  • Due to lower water penetration seepage of water through these bricks is considerably low.

  • Less porous, require minimum plastering.

  • Can be used in load-bearing, and non-load-bearing internal or external walls.

  • Greenhouse friendly during production

Applicable Uses:

  • Exterior walls.

  • Partition walls.

  • Interior walls.

  • Boundary walls.

Available Sizes:

  • 9”x4.25”x3”

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