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Park View City Islamabad


Park View City Islamabad is a residential development by Vision Group and is a CDA-approved Housing project. It is sited in Islamabad’s Zone IV. The society features a scenic green landscape of the beautiful Margalla Hills. Park View City is the ideal place for families who want to live in a community that welcomes them and offers a modern vision and beautiful vistas. Investors like it because of the luxurious amenities and spectacular views. Hence, it offers a perfect balance of natural ambiance and contemporary lifestyle.

Park View City Islamabad


Park View City Islamabad is a residential development by Vision Group and is a CDA-approved Housing project. It is sited in Islamabad’s Zone IV. The society features a scenic green landscape of the beautiful Margalla Hills. Park View City is the ideal place for families who want to live in a community that welcomes them and offers a modern vision and beautiful vistas. Investors like it because of the luxurious amenities and spectacular views. Hence, it offers a perfect balance of natural ambiance and contemporary lifestyle.


Location of ParkView City:

Park view city’s location is within reach from Kashmir highway through Park Road and Jinnah Avenue. One of the most important aspects of this housing design, in addition to its own essential features, is its ease of access from the main part of Islamabad. The most important factor in Park View City’s success and high market value is its location. Additionally, society’s beautiful views attracted more investors. It is well situated next to Islamabad’s Bahria Enclave and encircled by Bani Gala’s gorgeous greenery as well. The perfectly built Park View City Islamabad has a futuristic outlook. The general public and investors’ reactions to the recent launch of Overseas Block, Golf Estate, and Downtown Commercial Area have been exceptional. Property values are increasing daily as a result of the speed and quality of development winning investors’ confidence.

Park View City Islamabad Nearby Landmarks

It takes less than a minute to walk to the Islamabad Botanical Gardens from this location. Chak Shehzad, which is roughly 8 km away, is the gateway to Park View City.

Park View City and Serena Hotel are both located within 7.2 km of the centre of Islamabad. Furthermore, Malot road makes it simple to access society. Park View City is also free of noise and pollution, making it an ideal place to live.

In the shadow of the Margalla Hills, Park View City has 5000 Kanals of gorgeous terrain. While the majority of the region is on a hill with a gorgeous view of the capital city, some of the land is at the foothill where Downtown Commercial and H Block are planned. The Vision Group is constantly working to expand the society by buying more land.

Park View City Islamabad NOC

Park View City is duly approved by Capital Development Authority. Although the approval faced some problems recently, which are likely to be resolved soon because the developer is putting a lot of hard work into this matter.

The Capital Development Authority has given Park View City its proper approval. Despite recent challenges, it’s likely that these issues will be addressed quickly because the developer is extremely focused on this.

Park View City Owner & Developers:

Since its establishment in 2012, Vision Group has had success in the real estate market throughout Pakistan, including Karachi and Lahore. This includes Park View Signature Apartments Karachi, Park View Lahore DHA, and Park View Villas Lahore. It has made a name for itself as a pioneer in Pakistan’s real estate market and one of the most dependable and trustworthy businesses in the area. 

The Park View project by Vision Group is one of the area’s most opulent home developments and is committed to quality. Through a variety of building and management initiatives, it seeks to provide a luxurious lifestyle. Urban landscaping initiatives in metropolitan regions are among them.

The vision group completed several projects, creating architectural wonders in Pakistan’s biggest cities. The list of Vision Group’s ground-breaking initiatives is as follows:

  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • PARK View Icon located at I.I.Chundrigar road-Karachi
  • Park View City in Islamabad
  • PARK View Corporate Center at Mall road-Lahore
  • Park View Signature Apartments at Gulberg-Lahore
  • The National School

Park view villas at Multan road-Lahore

Park View City is expanding quickly. A, B, D, E, F, and H block development is practically finished. Additionally, the main entrance gate and green areas are completed.

While the organization was acquiring more land near Gate No. 2 in the previous year, the development pace had been a little slower. As a result of the society’s increased success this year across all developing blocks and the provision of possessions to certain new blocks, the market has gathered significant momentum in recent months.


Some latest development video of Park View City Islamabad are as follows:

Park View City is made up of a variety of residential and commercial buildings, just like any other large housing society. These blocks are further separated into commercial and residential divisions with various-sized plots. The master plan is broken down into alphabetical sections. The administration also presented an extension block “J” in the society during the current balloting event conducted at the society’s facilities.

Residential plots of 5 Marla and 10 Marla are offered in Blocks A, B, F, H, J, Overseas & Golf Estate. 10 Marla terrace plots are offered in C blocks. Residential plots measuring 1 Kanal are offered in blocks B, E, F, H, J, Golf Estate, and Overseas. Plots of 2 Kanals are available in block D.

Please take note, that the updated master plan for Park View City will confirm the sites of Overseas Block, Golf Estate, and J Block.

Block A, which is close to Park View City Gate 2, is 60 to 70 percent developed. A great number of houses have been built, and families are living peacefully. Bookings are closed, but resale plots are still available. There are 5 Marla and 10 Marla possession plots for sale.

With 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots, Block B is likewise 60% finished. The location is next to Block A. Bookings for this block were stopped by Park View City. However, plots are available for resale. This block is next to the Blue Mosque, a popular tourist destination in the area.

Park View City’s Block C is in a good location. Terrace plots and houses of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal are available on an elevated block. Another feature of this block is the food court.

This neighborhood in Park View City has the highest elevation. 2 Kanal residential plots are available in Block D. The society and the capital are magnificently visible from this block.

1 Kanal Residential Plots make up Block E. It is the perfect site to live in because it is on top of the hill. Terrace plots, which provide enchanting views of the surrounding lush greenery, make up some of the plots in block E.

Plot sizes available in F Block range from 5 to 10 marlas and 1 Kanal. Furthermore, additional ground cutting throughout the block has led to the addition of 1 and 2 Kanal terraced plots.

H block is conveniently situated close to the central commercial district and the major entrance area. This area of the block is complete and prepared for development. Additionally, it is regarded as one of Park View City Islamabad’s best and most expensive blocks.

H block has plots measuring 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. There is no renewed installment plan available here, therefore a plot can only be purchased on full payment.

Block J is next to Park View City’s Overseas Block & Golf Estate. Residential plots measuring 5, 8, 10, and 1 Kanal are available. Price-wise and in terms of possible future growth, this block is quite appealing.

The majority of the 3.5 marlas in this block are residential plots. This block’s pricing is low because it hasn’t yet been given a precise location. The only affordable option in Park View City Islamabad is this one.

Block K was recently cancelled by Park View City, and all 3.5 marla plots received refunds in the form of vouchers that may be applied to other block installments.

In 2019, Park View City created an international block. This building was created especially for Pakistanis living abroad the drive for developing an overseas block is to enable the expat community with a high-profit investment option and first-class living experience.

The Park View City Overseas Block is designed to provide a magnificent lifestyle in line with global living standards. The international community would appreciate luxurious residences close to Gate 2.

The overseas block includes 3.5 and 5 marla commercial plots as well as residential plots measuring 5, 10, and 1 Kanal. The society still needs to complete the balloting of Overseas Block, hence it gives files in installments instead of plots. The location, which is directly across from Gate No. 2 on Malot Road, has been revealed but the map has not yet been publicly disclosed.

Park View City recently made the decision to withdraw the 3.5 marla commercial plots in the Overseas block. Refunds are offered to the owners in the form of vouchers that can be applied to subsequent installments for additional blocks.

The most recent addition to Park View City Islamabad is the Golf Estate. One of the most costly blocks now offered in installments is this block. It is a 9-hole international golf course that is part of a golf course community development.

Residential plots measuring 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal make up the majority of this block. The society has not specifically identified where it is, but it will be close to Gate No. 2 on the Overseas Block.

Within the society, Park View City will create a primary business centre based in Dubai. Numerous domestic and foreign firms will establish their outlets downtown, which will serve as a business hub. Additionally, its attractiveness and value will be substantially increased by a stunning lake downtown. Commercial plots of 6 and 8 Marla are available from Downtown Commercial.

The Walk will be Park View City’s newest and most extravagant subdivision. The Walk Commercial will be a destination for well-known businesses, the management claims. The Walk’s infrastructure will be incredibly alluring owing to its stunning architecture and neon lighting. The residents will have a wonderful shopping experience thanks to it.

Another beautiful project for twin cities homeowners is Park View Homes. Customers in this scheme receive finished homes rather than plots. Individuals who have neither the knowledge nor time required for quality construction are the ideal options for this plan.

With the assistance of renowned architects, Vision Group builds Park View houses. These houses have all been built in accordance with international standards.

The society’s Block C has the Park View Terrace Apartments. They will offer considerably smaller, luxurious, and reasonably priced living spaces.

As the name suggests, every apartment will have a terrace. Park View City opened registrations for these apartments, although construction has not yet begun.

ParkView City Payment Plan:

Exclusive Features:

  • A Dubai Based Town
  • Hospital
  • Shopping Malls
  • IMAX Cinema
  • Turkish Model Mosque
  • Gated Community
  • School
  • Zoo
  • Community Hall

ParkView city Amenities Include:

  • 24/7 Supply of Electricity, Gas, and Water
  • Educational Facilities
  • CCTV Security
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds and beautifully designed green areas
  • Shopping malls
  • restaurants and Entertainment centres
  • Sports Complex
  • Health Centre

Why you should invest in Park View City:

The excellent project Park View City Islamabad has the specific goal of offering unmatched amenities. Vision Group’s Park View City project in Islamabad features residential plots, commercial plots, residential villas, and apartments. The elite housing development has a great mosque designed in the Turkish style, well-known schools, a sizable hospital, Park View Mall, and a sizable community center.

The 200-foot main boulevard, huge road system, numerous green belts and parks, and underground electricity all serve to highlight the housing society’s grandeur.

Perhaps you’re wondering if all the hype is really worth your money. 

Here are 5 things you should consider before making an investment in Park View City.

  • Fast Expansion: Possession in A and B blocks of Park View City
  • Best Location.
  • Commercial Area
  • Impressive entrance
  • The Art of Maintaining Economy

How to Book a Plot in Park View City?

Contact our staff at Regal Properties to reserve your spot. The necessary paperwork is,

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Copy of your CNIC of your next to kin
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • The booking amount can be paid in the form of a payment order, cash or a direct transfer of cash in the company’s account.

Booking starts with a 20% down payment.

Park View City is an over-the-top housing development in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Park view city Islamabad is near Bani Gala, close to Bahria Enclave Islamabad.

The owner of this magnificent work of art is Mr Aleem Khan and the developers of this society are Vision Group of Companies.

Park view city is a legal housing society which is NOC approved by CDA.

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