Government To Work On Green Building Initiative To Tackle Climate Change

The rapid growth of the construction sector in Pakistan, increased urbanization and the significant amount of energy used by buildings compel us to focus on making our buildings more sustainable and climate-friendly. Buildings use vast amounts of energy in the form of heat, light, and ventilation and hence, contribute significantly to global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall climatic degeneration. Although “green building” has been a widely known concept around the world for some time, the initiative of making residential and commercial buildings more climate-friendly in Pakistan gained greater attention recently. This happened as a result of deliberation on the Public Petition regarding the "Green Building Initiative" in the Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change.

In the meeting, held on January 5, 2023, Musaddiq Khan – Additional Secretary for the Ministry of Climate Change – detailed the committee regarding the objective of the green building initiative which is to provide protection to occupant health and Green Buildings code; the code is yet to be formulated by ministry of climate change in consultation with provinces. This code is primarily planned to generate awareness regarding sustainable buildings, energy conservation, and reducing the effects of increased global warming. It also tends to address sustainable development goals related to combating climate decline, waste patterns, and issues pertaining to human settlements.

The additional secretary of MOCC also briefed the community as to how the initiative will focus on air pollution/improving air quality, water purification and conservation, waste disposal, and reduction. Green buildings are also known to prevent floods through infrastructural elevation and modifications of new or old buildings. In the meeting, the conference committee also received appreciation and praise for creating awareness in the international community regarding the destruction caused by recent floods in Pakistan and for pledging significant support for the said devastation.


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