Know About the Key Differences between a Plot and a Plot File

Real Estate Investments in Pakistan are increasing day by day. With the investment rate approaching new heights, investors have to be made aware of the real estate terminologies so that they don't fall prey to scammers in the market. A plot in real estate refers to a piece of land that is designated for a specific use, such as building a house or other structure. A plot file refers to the documentation or record associated with a specific plot of land, including information such as ownership, zoning, and any building or development plans. 


In this blog, we will explain a plot, a plot file, and which one of these you should opt for as an investment choice.

What is a Plot? 

In the real estate market, a plot means the physical part of the land that is meant to be allocated to a certain individual. The plot is a defined space along with mentioned street, block, and sector numbers. Contrary to plot files, it has an allocated defined space which is approved by the relevant government authorities. If a society is in the last phases of its development, you are more likely to get a balloted plot than a plot file. As per the legislation of Pakistan, ownership of a plot can be in the name of an individual or a legal entity. A plot can be bought for constructing a house, shop, or office; as well as for sale at a high price in the Future. 

What is a Plot File?

In the real estate market of Pakistan, a plot file refers to a document that contains information about a specific piece of land. A plot file is like a documented agreement that a certain piece of land is available in a real estate project. The project can be in planning or initial stages of development at the time of issuance of plot files. A property file does not have a physical existence and it is not recognized by government authorities. However, housing societies issue a limited number of files against which they allocate the plots afterward. These plots are offered against the plot files once the investors meet the society's eligibility criteria for balloting. After balloting, a plot file is converted into a plot. 

What is Balloting?

Since the term Balloting has been extensively used above, we think it will be fruitful to share some details about what balloting means in the real estate market of Pakistan. In simple words, balloting is the process of allotting plots against plots files in which a draw takes place between the investors who meet a society's requirements. Once a plot is balloted, it is allocated along with its details to its allottee. 

Where Should You Invest? A Plot or a Plot File?

When considering a real estate purchase in Pakistan, one must weigh the options of buying a plot or a property file. A plot is a piece of land that can be found in both new and older housing societies and is typically numbered and marked. Potential buyers can visit the site before making a purchase. In contrast, a property file is less expensive and has fewer legalities involved in its own process.

The investment factor is a crucial difference between a plot and a property file, which should be taken into account when making a real estate decision. If you are making an investment with the exclusive aim to get maximum return on it, then plot files can help you earn more. On the other hand, if you are looking to build a house or a commercial shop, then investing in a plot is better as it will allow you to quickly develop your property. 

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