Will ChatGPT replace Google? - Read Expert Answer

An artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI, Chat GPT was released in November 2021 and took the world of Artificial Intelligence and content creation by storm. It created headlines worldwide by stimulating human speech, responding to specific and customized questions, and imitating the syntax of natural language. In simpler words, ChatGPT can engage in human-like conversations and answer a wide range of personalized user questions.

After ChatGPT’s widespread and quickly gained popularity, a common question that comes to people’s minds is, will ChatGPT replace Google? Despite it becoming a viral phenomenon, ChatGPT will never replace Google; this is because both are created with different architectural designs to perform varying functions.

 Google is primarily a search engine that provides many services such as Gmail, productive tools, storage, and endless information pages. Google indexes and retracts information from the entire internet, crawls trillions of pages, and searches for various websites to create output. 

Whereas ChatGPT operates on the technical model of a Generative Pre-trained Transformer and is tuned to utilize large amounts of text to produce personalized responses. Like a chat box, you ask ChatGPT a question, and using its massive amount of information, it outputs a response; Unlike

Google, ChatGPT does not search the internet for these customized responses.  For this reason, ChatGPT cannot work as a search engine. Imagine asking ChatGPT what time a nearby restaurant closes. It cannot possibly answer the question. 

Although ChatGPT can provide relatively more natural conversations catered to user queries, it cannot provide a replacement for Google’s revolutionary services of interacting with other search engines and numerous online services. 

Another reason why ChatGPT cannot be a reliable search engine like google is that it gives different responses to the same question asked repeatedly. It only works based on its knowledge of human dialogue and uses its own stored data. Despite some commonalities, google and ChatGPT have completely different functions or objectives and ChatGPT can only complement the way Google works.

ChatGPT creates meaning and sentiment out of stored textual information while google does not generate information on its own. ChatGPT gives output based on intent and context while google gives output using on web content. Although ChatGPT has various interesting features, it cannot cover or surpass the vast array of useful services and tools that Google provides. It cannot provide a substitution for Google’s accuracy, speed, scalability, and ease of integration with other systems.

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