Where to invest in blue world city In 2023?


Blue World City is a new real estate development project in Pakistan that offers a wide range of residential and commercial properties. The project is a collaboration between two of the biggest names in the real estate industry and promises to deliver a modern, sustainable, and self-contained community to its residents.

The Blue Group of Companies is the owner of this project. The project was initiated in 2018 and the development work was started in 2019. Blue World City is spread over 1 lac kanals of land & more than 80 thousand kanals have been purchased. 

The development work was handed over to Blue Bricks of Companies, they have 500 to 750 machines and all workers are doing their work will full determination. 

Investing in real estate can be a great way to secure your financial future, and Blue World City offers a unique opportunity for potential investors. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in Blue World City.


Strategic Location

Blue World City is located on Chakri Road, just 30 minutes away from the new Islamabad International Airport and is easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This prime location makes it an ideal place for an investment as it is close to major commercial and industrial centres, and offers easy access to key transportation links.


High-Quality Infrastructure:

 Blue World City offers top-notch infrastructure, including a well-planned road network, modern utilities, and high-speed internet connectivity. The developers have invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the residents of Blue World City enjoy a comfortable and modern lifestyle.


Sustainable Development: 

The developers of Blue World City have put a strong emphasis on sustainable development, which means that the community will be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. This not only makes it a great place to live but also helps to reduce long-term costs for residents.


Community Amenities: 

Blue World City offers a wide range of community amenities, including parks, sports facilities, shopping centres, and community centres. This makes it a great place to live, work, and play and ensures that residents will have access to everything they need right within the community.


Strong Economic Growth: 

Pakistan's economy is experiencing strong growth, and the real estate sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Investing in Blue World City now means that you can take advantage of this growth and potentially see substantial returns on your investment in the future.


Diverse Investment Options: 

Blue World City offers a range of investment options, including residential plots, commercial plots, and apartments. This means that there is something for everyone, whether you're a first-time investor or a seasoned pro. Eco-Friendly Environment with World-Class Infrastructure. Invest in Residential and Commercial Properties in a Blue world city.


The Blue World City Project has 5 major blocks which are:

The best block so far that has received a lot of appreciation which one can only think of in dreams is Waterfront Block. Though all other blocks are remarkable too this block has won our hearts.

Waterfront Block

Wouldn't it be ideal to spend your evenings taking in the magnificent views of the "Dancing fountain"? In the Waterfront District of Blue World City, real estate stock offers a built-up possibility. Well, this is the most appreciated block of a Blue world city and we’ll further discuss its features and investment prospects.

The waterfront district will be the tourist attraction which is also a local’s favourite area with fantastic restaurants and teashops with stunning waterfront views of the Charleston harbour and nearby marshes. To enjoy the view even closer, book a water adventure, or walk the boardwalk that spans over 200 feet long. Leave the hustle and bustle and sit back in a piece of glory!

Waterfront District Block

After attaining modest success in one more block, the developers have brought another golden investment prospect. They have launched a Waterfront District Block, an exciting experience for the residents. It is going to be a unique development, as apparent from the name. It would be bounded all over by replicated structures and will be close to nature.

Waterfront International Standard Base Living

Waterfront district is Chosen from a variety of expert offshore and inshore fishing charters located at the prime location. Catch fish – and memories – of a lifetime. If you want to give your sea legs a rest, take a leisurely stroll on the waterfront boardwalk


Waterfront blue world city aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities to the residents in a picture-perfect outlook. Succeeding are some of its features.

• Waterfalls

• Floating Restaurant

• Dancing Fountain

• Waterfront Society

• Water Sports



In conclusion, Blue World City offers a unique opportunity for potential investors in every block of this project. Its strategic location, high-quality infrastructure, sustainable development, community amenities, strong economic growth, and diverse investment options make it an ideal place to invest. If you're looking for a secure and profitable investment, Blue World City, Waterfront Block is definitely worth considering.

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