What is the importance of highways in real estate sector?

The success of a country’s economy depends on several crucial factors, one of which is its real estate fortune. Even in Pakistan the Real-estate domain is broad and plays an expansive role in bringing tangible growth to its various sectors; for this reason, when it comes to planning for or deciding reliable and concrete progress for its real-estate sector, no country compromises on the efficient development of its infrastructure such as roads and highways. When a country’s infrastructural development is strong and concrete, not only does it bring comfort to its citizens but also contributes to the growth of its real-estate sector.

Infrastructure projects such as major roads or highways signify a country’s efforts towards development and directly affect the values of residential and commercial regions in the vicinity of said projects. Even when it comes to the new residential projects being planned, one major focus of builders is on the quality of the infrastructure system surrounding the area. This is because the prospective customers looking to buy property will surely focus on the infrastructure facilities of the potential project, they are looking to invest in.

A good, well-connected, and quality road network plays an important role in a country’s real estate growth. This is due to various reasons; highways streamline connectivity. The creation of highways reduces the distance to be traveled between destinations and hence cuts down fuel costs – producing a positive impact for the residents in connected areas. Fuel prices are increasing manifold day by day, and this is a major concern for citizens, therefore, relief in the form of savings from fuel costs must not be underestimated.

An excellent highway network also affects and increases the safety of neighborhoods. It makes it quicker and easier for services like ambulances and fire brigades to reach emergency situations. It also makes it easier for citizens to reach hospitals faster. Highways reduce traffic congestion and hence the number of accidents taking place due to high traffic on congested roads.

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