How Rawalpindi Ring Road Will Benefit RUDN Enclave?

Rawalpindi Ring Road is a new addition to Rawalpindi city which will enhance the value of Rudn Enclave. It is a 38 Kilo Meter road patch till Thalian. On 19th March 2022, Ring Road was inaugurated by our former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The project is aimed at providing an alternate route to the traffic so the traffic stress on the N-5 highway will lessen a bit. The road will also reduce the traffic in central Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi Ring Road is located between the two interchanges which enhance its value. Ring Roads, where ever they are built, increase the business activity, development work, population, and economic activity around them. In this regard, Lahore and Peshawar Ring Roads are prime examples for us. 


Rawalpindi Ring Road will have multiple positive impacts on the housing societies adjacent to it, especially Rudn Enclave. In this blog, we will discuss the impacts of Ring Road on Rudn Enclave which will help you to choose Rudn Enclave as your next investment destination. 


Located Exactly on the Ring Road

Rudn Enclave is at a 0 km distance from the Rawalpindi Ring Road. All the societies developed around Ring Road will benefit a great deal from this tremendous road. However, as the road passes from the middle of Rudn Enclave, it will increase the prices and value, and demand of the property around it. In the case of Ring Roads, it is typical that the places near the interchanges benefit the most from them. As Rudn Enclave is in the proximity of the thalian interchange, it will benefit the most from Rawalpindi Ring Road. 


Boom in Prices

The development of Rawalpindi Ring Road has already impacted the prices of nearby properties and a big boom has been seen in the prices of Rudn Enclave Islamabad. The road is yet in its initial phases, when it gets developed further, the prices of the nearby property will go through a big upheaval. Thus, if you invest in Rudn Enclave now, the value of your property will keep on increasing as time passes by as society and the road gets developed. 


Major Access Point for the Society

The investors in Rudn Enclave were worrying whether the society will have a separate access point or not. Also, they were worried about having to cross all the city traffic to reach society. All these concerns have been answered in the form of Rawalpindi Ring Road.

The Society connects various roads and it already has access from Rawat link road, Dhamyal, Adyala, and N-5 National Highway. Now, the major access point Rawalpindi Ring Road will boast the overall accessibility of the society. The Rawalpindi Ring Road would only be 400 meters away from the main gate of the housing society.



The Rawalpindi Ring Road is a major transportation infrastructure project that is currently under construction in Pakistan. The project will improve connectivity and reduce traffic congestion in the area. It will have certain positive impacts on Rudn Enclave like increasing prices of the property, increasing accessibility of the society, and connecting the society to the twin cities.

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