11 Reasons to Invest in Discovery Gardens Islamabad

Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a residential project located in Zone V of Islamabad, Pakistan. It offers a variety of residential options, including apartments, townhouses, and independent houses. The development includes amenities such as a community center, parks, wide footpaths, and playgrounds. The project location is considered to be prime because it is located on the main GT Road, near the new Islamabad International Airport, and also near the city center and other important locations like hospitals, schools, and commercial areas. Discovery Gardens is offering a range of plot sizes at affordable prices. To facilitate the customers, the administration of Discovery Gardens has offered an easy installment plan comprising 16 quarterly or 48 monthly installments. 


Reasons for investment in Discovery Gardens Islamabad

Below, we are going to explain why investment in Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a golden chance that must not to be missed. We hope they will help you in making a decision. 

1. Trustworthiness

Before moving towards the project, let's talk about the owners as one would be curious about the brand before going for the product. Falaknaaz group of companies has been delivering their services and has been exceeding client expectations since 1975. Which makes and shows their reliability. So, the reliability and exceptional services of the Falaknaaz group of companies make them trustworthy.

2: Locality

Of Course! After knowing about the owners, the next most important thing among other reasons is to find the answer to “Where” the project is located, therefore, the locality of the project is on second priority. Discovery Gardens is a megaproject, located 15 minutes away from the new Islamabad Airport and 3 km from Rawalpindi Ring Road. Main Islamabad and Lahore Motorway allow you to get easy access to all the social and commercial centers.


3: Fun Zone

Well, the Fun Zone is one of the most important factors that not only attracts kids but youngsters and adults as well. Where they can practice their favorite sports or can maintain physical fitness. Nowadays one might get stressed, and depressed and can become an overthinker easily. There comes the fun zone that helps to get rid of all the stress and depression by spending quality time with your loved ones. As we all know Pakistan has a dominant number of adults and children therefore, entertainment is as important as winning back an angry kid. That is all fun which helps to restore and wipe a person's sorrows with a quick effect.

4: Highly Secure Society

Discovery Gardens provides the best security system with the help of highly trained professionals and with the installation of advanced CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras that monitors every single activity. No unauthorized person can enter society without proper identification and all the required security matters. The most important thing is 24/ 7 easy access to all emergency services.


5: Diverse Culture

Discovery Gardens offers investment opportunities at the national and international levels. That connects people from different backgrounds of cultural, and behavioral, norms, and values. Diverse Culture not only vanishes cultural biases and increase our understanding of other cultures but helps to show respect to people having unique culture. Sharing common norms and values creates a new and diverse culture that increases learning and makes a common ground for understanding.


6: Standard Lifestyle

Discovery Gardens provides the standard lifestyle which makes a person unique and prominent among others. Life is a race! Everyone wants to be prominent and good-looking in this competitive world which attracts people's eyes. This is what Discovery Gardens provide. Living in an outstanding society with all the facilities makes you unique while standing among others.


7: Eco-community

Discovery Gardens is a hub of different communities from different areas. Different people make eco-community systems. The eco-community system bounds the people economically, socially, and culturally together. And ultimately, they care for each other’s needs and requirements.


8: High Demand

Falaknaaz Group of companies always come up with the exceeding expectations of their precious clients and tries to fulfill their demands with more than extra. In the beginning, the project was supposed to cover 15000 Kanal but the high demand of the investors and people's dream to live in a land of beauty changed the mind of the Falaknaaz Group of companies. Now, the project covers 36,000 Kanal approximately. It is possible to expand it more according to the needs of the clients.


9: All at One Place

Who will not prefer to live or invest at a place where he or she can get all the things they want in this busy world? Keeping in mind the lack of time, Discovery Gardens provides groceries, entertainment, a fuel station, a theme park, physical activities, horse riding, and a mini-golf club all within walking distance. Where every individual can do their favorite activity and enjoy their hobby.


10: Is Discovery Gardens a Profitable Investment?

In short, we would say YES!

Not just based on the Falaknaaz Group Company’s previous successes but also the increasing demand and survey from the investors who got profit during the prelaunch prices. From that day till now, prices and demand for discovery gardens are going towards the peak. However, chances to invest and get your apartment in Discovery Gardens are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, don't wait for the right time to pick up the phone and invest your money with a good return.


11: Attraction Sites

Discovery Gardens provides relaxing spas, medical centers, an advanced education system, an urban look, shopping points, comfortable living, high-security services, emergency access, a play zone, a beautiful lake, and gardens.



The new and advanced infrastructure of Discovery Gardens Islamabad is providing a modern lifestyle with all facilities. The prime location of the project is also a plus point between twin cities which helps to get easy access wherever a person wants to go. Beyond living there, from the investment point of view, Discovery Gardens is an ever-green opportunity to boost your earnings. So, get the advantage of the current situation and get the maximum return on your investments in the near Future!

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