Prime Minister marks One year of coalition Government was it a triumph over adversity?

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, on April 11th, highlighted one-year anniversary of the federal coalition coming into ultimate power and labeled Pakistan Democratic Movement’s 1-year tenure as a “triumph over adversity”. He also said that the political agenda for post-April 2022 will be “of reconciliation and cooperation, and not confrontation and vendetta".

In a series of tweets, the PM spoke of the coalition Government’s success in restoring Pakistan’s image as a credible entity and in mitigating major energy and financial challenges.

 Highlighting PDM’S achievements, he mentioned that the Coalition Government’s one year of efforts has established Pakistan as a reliable partner and friend. The PM said that the government was successful in restoring and strengthening Pakistan’s diplomatic relations that were damaged and discarded by the past regime.

He jotted down the government’s significant rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts to control the devastation and damage caused by unprecedented floods and provision of social and physical protection to millions of affected people.  He also highlighted the great decisiveness of the coalition Government to employ climate diplomacy, for presenting Pakistan’s case on the international stage; "As Chair of G77 plus China, we were instrumental in the establishment of the loss and damage fund. Pledges of $9 billion at the Geneva moot are evidence of our successful diplomacy.”

He also mentioned that the coalition government has focused on introducing diversity in the energy sector of Pakistan by working on cheaper sources of power generation such as solar, hydel, and coal power projects.

Speaking of inflation hitting an all-time high in Pakistan, he listed down "geo-strategic rivalries, increase in prices of fuel and food commodities" as well as the "historic floods" faced by the country as some of the key factors responsible for increased inflation. However, he mentioned the government’s expansion of the social safety net and the provision of targeted subsidies to address inflation. The PM also shed light on the Government’s plan to work on infrastructural development and public transport for ease, comfort, and mobility of citizens of Pakistan.

In his tweets, the PM greatly criticized the PTI regime’s policies, decision-making, and performance. He believed that Imran Khan had damaged the economy by laying down numerous economic landmines and by disrupting food as well as fuel supply lines.

Lastly, PM Shahbaz also appreciated the country's military leadership alongside ministerial efforts in helping push Pakistan off the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) watchlist as a major feat.

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