Park View City Terrace Apartments - Terrace Apartments by Park View City

Investing in property is a crucial financial decision as individuals aim to maximize profit from their hard-earned money. With the transformation of the concept of modern living, the real-estate marketplace has greatly diversified in its options, ranging from plots, homes, and individual units to erect apartment complexes or plazas, etc.


Although this expansion of product range is essentially positive, it often gives rise to a dilemma for customers when it comes to making a choice; they face difficulties in considering whether they should purchase an apartment with all the readily available and advanced facilities or land for a home they can build according to their preferences.

With rapid urbanization, the idea of living vertically is now more widely accepted and preferred than building horizontally in many urban areas – especially for those who prefer living away from a city’s bustling and congested atmosphere.

Park View City terrace apartments is a splendid new addition to modern apartment complexes in Islamabad. Located in the famous housing project Park View City Islamabad, PVC apartments are a modern, highly accessible, and profitable investment opportunity.


Park view city Islamabad:

The park-view city is Islamabad’s most famous, serene, and lucrative housing society. Located at the foot of Margalla hills, this world-class housing society provides a great range of residential and business opportunities that are in line with customer needs and requirements.

The society is one of the fewer housing projects that are NOC- approved and is built on design and architecture in line with international standards. In addition to high-quality infrastructure, Park View City aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to its present as well as future residents.

 Expanding over a total of 1200 kanals, park view city has a natural setting, and its greenery adds further to the society’s tranquil surroundings.


Terrace apartments:

Maintaining its standards of modern living and high-quality architectural splendor, Park View City now offers residential terrace apartments known as Park view city terrace apartments. Not only do these residential apartments diversify Park view city’s previously existing range of options, it also offers new and cost-effective financial opportunities.

These apartments embody luxurious and decadent living experiences through their well-thought-out and sophisticated designs. Equipped with advanced amenities and facilities, each apartment is to have a terrace or a balcony for further enhancing the spacious style and atmosphere of the rooms.


Focusing on both elegance and comfort, the apartments are fully furnished with high-end furniture and appliances. In addition, they provide beautiful and serene views of botanical gardens as well as the commercial downtown.


Layout of the terrace apartments in Islamabad:

The terrace apartments offer varying types and sizes of units that fit different customer budgets and preferences. This diversity of products makes it a cost-effective and highly profitable package. Each of the apartments is thoughtfully designed with significant attention to detail and finishing.


There are three types of residential flats available at the PVC:

  • Apartment with one bedroom/studio
  • Apartment with two bedrooms
  • Apartment with three bedrooms


Any unit can be chosen based on one’s design preferences and financial capability.

Amenities :

  • The apartment units will prove to be budget-friendly and cost-effective due to the lower maintenance and energy costs of such residential units. Utility costs such as Electricity and gas bills are relatively lower in apartments/flats.

  • There is the availability of laundry services and cleaning facilities.
  • Valet parking is available.
  • There are indoor swimming pools present.
  • Designated Areas for sports activities are available.
  • CCTV Surveillance is available.
  • There is a 24/7 supply of water, gas, and electricity.


How to book an apartment:


  • At the time of booking, the customer must provide a down payment of 20%.
  • On Park View City’s official website, you will get a booking form. You can download it from there.
  • Fill out the form with all the required data.
  • Deposit with a demand draught, pay order, or cash.

Send your booking form, the necessary documentation, a money order, and supporting documents.


Opening doors for new financial possibilities and improving living experiences, park-view city terrace apartments define luxury, elegance, and comfort. With simple and clear payment instructions, these apartments are fantastic investment opportunities that diversify the meaning of affordable yet opulent living.


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