First Ever Robotic Surgery Performed Successfully at Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute

The Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) made history on April 27, 2023, by performing the country's first-ever robotic surgery. This success is a major milestone in the advancement of medical technology in Pakistan and corresponds to PKLI's commitment to providing patients with the most advanced treatments available. Using the latest technology in robotic surgery equipment, a cancerous kidney was removed in the surgical procedure.

The patient was a 52-year-old man who had been diagnosed with kidney cancer and was referred to PKLI for treatment. The medical team considered him a good candidate for robotic surgery after careful examination. The surgery turned out to be successful, and the patient is now recovering sufficiently.

A highly experienced and skilled team of surgeons led by Dr. Ali Abbas performed the surgery; Dr. Ali Abbas as well as the rest of the team are highly experienced in robotic surgery. Dr. Abbas and his team used the Da Vinci surgical system, a state-of-the-art robotic platform that provides surgeons with enhanced 3D visualization, precision, and control. The system also allows for smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and shorter recovery times compared to traditional open surgery.


This achievement is a groundbreaking testament to PKLI’s commitment to providing world-class medical care to its patients. The institute has long been focused on investing in advanced medical technology, including robotic surgery equipment, to ensure that patients receive the most advanced and ideal medical services. The introduction of robotic surgery at PKLI also puts Pakistan on the map as a destination for medical tourism, as patients from around the world can now benefit from the institute's expertise in this field.


Robotic surgery has now gained momentum in various medical fields including urological, gynecological, and gastrointestinal surgeries. As compared to traditional open surgery, robotic surgery has several advantages; these include reduced pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times. Robotic surgery also leads to more precision and accuracy in surgical procedures, leading to better outcomes for patients.


The success of PKLI's first robotic surgery is a transformative step for Pakistan's healthcare system. It is indicative of the country's ability to acquire and utilize cutting-edge medical technology and provide patients with world-class care. As more healthcare institutions in Pakistan invest in robotic surgery equipment, the country will continue to make strides in the field of medical technology and improve the lives of its citizens.


In conclusion, the first-ever robotic surgery successfully performed at PKLI is a landmark achievement in Pakistan's healthcare history. It is a testament to the institute's commitment to providing patients with the best possible care and its dedication to advancing medical technology. The successful outcome of this surgery bodes well for the future of robotic surgery in Pakistan and underscores the country's potential to become a leading destination for medical tourism.

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