CM approves KPK’s urban policy to plan smart cities

The urban policy planning unit, along with Subnational Governance Programme – after consultation with numerous experts – took 12 months to devise the urban policy 2030 for KPK. Broadly the policy is aimed at the development of smart cities while expanding to include the social, environmental, and gender developmental factors as well. It tends to efficiently organize the civic facilities alongside the management of city land.

Specifically, the policy integrates master plans for the city of Mardan as well as Wana, Miramshah, and Mirali in the tribal zones of Waziristan. As per the policy, the development of master plans for the above-mentioned areas has been completed, however, those for 16 other cities will be designed by March.

On January 18, 2023, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Masood Khan approved the aforementioned policy and advised the relevant authorities to effectively implement the policy, its action plan, and the pragmatic mechanisms associated with it. The policy is to be implemented by all the urban development authorities as well as the authorities coming under the KP tourism act. Policy implementation results are to be reviewed every two years till 2030 and any delay or negligence in this regard is unacceptable.

When it comes to policy implementation and management, city administrators or city authorities are to be granted a certain level of flexibility to effectively utilize the policy in accordance with their city demands and needs. They can come up with their own plans for managing the city customized to specific area requirements.

Besides encouraging smarty city development, the Urban Policy 2030 includes area planning for floors and land use, municipal facilities, civic ease, traffic and transport services, economic progress, effective planning for housing, promoting tourism in Northern areas, infrastructural improvement and maintenance, proper management of the city, efficient planning and improvement of institutional capacities of relevant stakeholders.

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