3-day Internet shutdown amidst nationwide protests inflicts a loss of 30 billion rupees on Pakistan’s economy

In Pakistan internet shutdowns or blackouts have become an instrument for the Government to deal with violent protests and political unrest. However, the manifold negative effects of these shutdowns are significantly harmful to Pakistan’s economy. The recent 3-day internet shutdown in Pakistan, amidst protests resulting from Imran Khan’s arrest, inflicted a loss of approximately 30 billion rupees on the economy.

The internet shutdown occurred in response to nationwide violent protests against Imran Khan's sudden arrest; the arrest took place on grounds of NAB charges against the former Prime Minister. The government immediately ordered a ban on working of twitter and YouTube, followed by a complete shutdown of the internet across the country. The shutdown lasted for more than 48 hours and affected millions of people across the country. It led to the rise of concerns over public safety and security.


The economic impact of the internet shutdown was also severe. Many businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, depend on the internet for their day-to-day operations. The shutdown disrupted supply chains, prevented businesses from communicating with customers and suppliers, and resulted in significant losses. It's estimated that the shutdown caused losses of approximately 30 billion rupees ($187 million USD) to the economy.


In addition to the economic impact, the internet shutdown also had significant social consequences. Social media platforms have become a vital tool for people to communicate and express their opinions. When the internet is shut down, people are unable to access these platforms, and their freedom of expression is curtailed. The shutdown also disrupted access to essential services such as healthcare and emergency services, putting people's lives at risk.


Internet shutdowns are not only damaging to the economy and society, but they also undermine the democratic values of a country. In a democratic society, people have the right to protest and express their opinions. Internet shutdowns are a violation of these fundamental rights and should be used only as a last resort.


Governments must find alternative ways to maintain law and order without infringing on people's fundamental rights. The internet is a crucial tool for economic growth and social development, and its shutdown should only be used in exceptional circumstances, with proper justification and accountability.


Internet shutdowns can have severe economic and social consequences, as demonstrated by the recent shutdown in Pakistan. The government must recognize the negative impact of these shutdowns and work to find alternative ways to maintain public safety and security. It's crucial to uphold the democratic values of the country and protect the fundamental rights of the people.

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